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Ann: ASSET: IQE: Intueri acquires Information Technology Training Institute

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    • Release Date: 03/02/15 08:30
    • Summary: ASSET: IQE: Intueri acquires Information Technology Training Institute
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    03/02/2015 08:30
    REL: 0830 HRS Intueri Education Group Limited
    ASSET: IQE: Intueri acquires Information Technology Training Institute
    Date: 3 February 2015
    IQE - Intueri acquires Information Technology Training Institute
    Intueri Education Group (IQE) today announces that it has conditionally
    agreed to purchase Information Technology Training Institute (ITTI).
    ITTI is an IT training institute based in Auckland, New Zealand, that has
    been providing state-of-the-art training in the latest IT technologies since
    1997.  The institute provides a range of internationally recognised computer
    and information technology qualifications and partners with leading
    technology names offering students access to the latest resources and
    initiatives from the technology world.
    Intueri CEO Rob Facer says the acquisition will help lay the foundation for
    the Group's entry into IT provision at a level that is in high demand with
    students from its existing international markets.
    "Provision of information technology qualifications to Level 7 (on the NZQA
    framework) is crucial to both complement our existing provision and promote
    growth. Whilst ITTI has until now operated in a niche area of the market
    enrolling around 80 to 100 students per year, IQE will capitalise on the
    growth potential in international markets with this new offering."
    "There are also significant pathway and staircasing opportunities for our
    domestic students from and into our existing programmes."
    ITTI has been purchased for NZD$1.2m with 90% settlement upon completion.
    For queries, please contact:
    Rob Facer, CEO +64 (0) 27 675 3538
    [email protected]
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