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    Without Prejudice:

    Thanks $#@! - though I feel deeply inadequate really - as we were unable to save much in the grand scheme of things.

    I won't contribute to the 'how much lost thread' as it's all proportional for different people.
    Mine's up there in the large amounts, and I understand that as you and bassy and a few others were a lot 'closer to the flame', you were more likely to get the hype from the company and be swept along harder and faster than many others.
    I have no doubt that Smyth and co used that situation to have some of you do their dirty work for them directly or indirectly.

    Not sure what situation this left you and others in, but I can only imagine the level of hurt would be higher as you came to realise that they and others close to them were tugging all our chains.

    I know people that used to 'ring Ruth' to see if everything was all right as the price was falling and she'd chirp away about how marvellous everything was.
    Interestingly enough, she also condoned trading on inside information - and if ASIC or anyone else want the proof of that, I do have's NOT an empty statement.

    This has been a once in a life time stock market disaster for most of us - out of all proportion to 'normal' losses.
    Anyone that wasn't part of it has trouble understanding the level of scam that went other than the fact that it's made us all harder and better traders if we survived it in the first place, it shouldn't really be considered a blot on the copy books as it was/is a unique situation where an international scam has beein in play with well known names (to the authorities) as the major players.

    We do have a full right imo to feel let down by our governing bodies and international authorities.....and they are still trading! Sheeeesh...

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