A40 0.00% 8.2¢ alita resources limited

Ann: Appointment of receivers and managers, page-6

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    At this stage, GXY guys have way more credibility.
    A40 is bleeding money like no tomorrow and operating the plant is BIG NO financially viable. No point producing at big loss.
    It is indeed very sad how everyone got shafted, no doubt about that !
    Airconditioner resumed it pretty well on GXY forum if you look it up.
    There is a very slim hope, i say very slim that shareholder get some offer from GXY for equity on the a40, maybe few gxy shares at best.
    Otherwise, very slim chance of getting anything back for sh as they come last in those situations.
    Seen it before, over and over, 98% of time its always the same result.
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