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Ann: Appointment of Metals Trading and Marketing Specialist, page-3

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    Well well when this opens we are in for the ride of our unique cobalt real estate the “lawyers” are working overtime
    1. Wfe in “advanced discussions with “parties” (mind the plural) on cobalt offtake and debt funding...conclusion here will be “company making” and solidly the quality of the 1% cobalt supply
    across the 2.5 years for 636,000tpa
    2. Music to my ears...withdrawal of the April 2019 cumbersome and irrational application.
    3. The Big Bang lawyers working to get this unique “cobalt real estate package” back on the boards...those advisors working away in the UK..fireworks of this thing gets on the main f’n guess it “heart palpitations”
    4. Things must be travelling at the speed of light now that the appropriate path has been cut....”finalisation of discussions” and “comprehensive” update will lead to adrenal malfunction
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