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Originally posted by podsWell Do you think that the PM business...

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    Mpires P/L were in the annual report under 'discontinued operations'.


    Mpire sponsored the after party at the App Growth Summit in SF a fortnight ago (http://appgrowthsummit.com/events/app-growth-summit-san-francisco-2018/)  so at least that is a sign that they still have a heartbeat.  However I share Nathan's concerns about how Mpire is being used by Clearpier. Are they letting it run as a standalone without interference, or is it being integrated. Will some of ClearPiers costs be shoveled into Mpire to lower profit? ie shuffle staff from Clearpier to Mpire's books. Time will tell, but i think most people are assuming 0 profit contribution from Mpire going forward.If they get anything from further from it (apart from the $400k deferred consideration) it will be a big bonus.

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