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I thought Trolls could read? Or is it just plain lazy trolling?...

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    I thought Trolls could read? Or is it just plain lazy trolling?

    ASX announcement 7 March:
    "The Company was only able to issue 210,000,000 of the aforementioned 315,656,566 sharesunder its remaining 15% placement capacity. As a result, the Company has worked with itssenior management and a number of key shareholders to transfer the remaining 105,656,566shares to MGI until the Company received shareholder approval to issue the shares at its GeneralMeeting that was held on 28 February 2019.The Company has now received shareholder approval (on 28 February 2019) to issue MGI theremaining shares owed under the Sale Agreement. Accordingly, MGI is now transferring the105,656,566 shares that senior management/shareholders transferred to MGI back to eachparty, which will allow the Company to issue the new 105,656,566 shares as approved byshareholders to MGI.For clarity, after the transfers and issues noted above, MGI will only hold the 315,656,566shares that was due to be issued under the Sale Agreement."

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