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Ann: AnteoTech Signs SE Asian Distribution Agreement for EuGeni, page-207

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    Attempting to track progress here. This isn't necessarily 100% accurate as it's only as accurate as the public databases of the various entities.

    I couldn't get any data for Indonesia as most of their stuff lacks an English option and half of their stuff in Indonesian doesn't even work. This is as far as I got.

    Actually after a more thorough search, I found this:
    Pt. Biomed Diagnostics
    Jl. Tanah Abang 3 no 19E,
    Jakarta Pusat 10160

    If you punch that into maps, it leads you to a covid rapid testing centre, however the number on the building is 18A. Absolute headache trying to get any kind of info from over there.

    The Vietnamese address looks even worse so I can't verify that either.
    119 Trần Quang Cơ, Phú Thạnh, Tân Phú, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

    Can't find any biomed or EuGeni related stuff on the govt site either. Not sure if I'm even looking in the right place, if there is one. Their attachments for these other companies don't even work.

    Biomed don't even appear to have a license to import medical products in Singapore according to the government database. I find this very odd. why would they have a business there?

    Thailand incompetent as usual. Going to leads you to the default IIS (internet information services) page, so they haven't set up their servers correctly. Can't find a place to search for approved importers/distributors, but I'm going to have to assume that it's a yes as they offer medical products on their site. Then again, you never really know in this country though. They aren't listed on the Thai Medical Device Industry Association website at so that's a little odd.

    Malaysia's stuff isn't all working and out of date as well.

    Information is hard to come by. So I got a little dismotivated here. This biomed outfit doesn't seem very professional. There's not even an Indonesia or Vietnam option on their main site. I don't even think biomed have a website in those countries. The Thai site lists Biomed Global as a 'partner', rather than a 'parent'.

    I'm now going to try to check shipping records to see if those entities are even active.

    And remember, this is all based on limited information which may be out of date.

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