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I think it's more the frequency of the same message coming from...

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    I think it's more the frequency of the same message coming from you that really irks people DV. I have nothing of value to add to conversation on ADO which is why I rarely post. I find however your posts have less than nothing to offer. It's always a little bit exciting to open up HC on the phone and see there are new posts on ADO. You start to wonder what fresh titbit of info you might be about to gleam from some of the truly informed posters on here that do their best to inform us all on what's happening on the multiple fronts ADO are pursuing. But when you get to the thread list and you find a triple or even quadruple special from you DV! Oh my can you imagine ones dismay? It really is such a let down! I have a theory though that with you it's all just lawyering practice though isn't it? Can't wait to read your next 500 posts saying essentially the same thing. They are so helpful.
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