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Hi Mr MAnd woah, no need for an itchy trigger finger. Deciding...

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    Hi Mr M

    And woah, no need for an itchy trigger finger. Deciding that the Q&A updates are worthless is an OK opinion - some folk will only figure in the official released to market stuff and that's fine and quite possibly sensible. Never going to please everyone and nor should you expect to.

    I think the latest Q&A was excellent, because it seems that details will be forthcoming on some new tech goodness, ready to go, just getting the Corporate structure sorted and . . . still waiting, guess it's going to be in the quarterly. As I said before, the value for me is a gauge on how much value I should hang on Bahay's 'info coming soon' statements. For anyone who read the Q&A and decided to hang on in there a bit longer or buy more in the expectation of a quick and happy announcement drop, it hasn't worked so well - yet. Different people, different timescales.

    Also, a difference of opinion is good. Discussions are often more interesting when there's some dissent. HC can tend to get a bit riled up when someone refuses to high-five the prevailing optimism.

    And finally, quick story. Last year, an investor gave a bunch of us a hot tip. He'd been to visit the head honcho of a company before dropping buckets of beer tokens on it, had a chat and came away impressed by potential incoming contracts. Price then, about $1:80. Price now, about 50 cents. Seasoned and successful investor, enthusiastic head honcho. Yeah, different company and different people, apples to oranges and all that, but I still like to see head-honcho statements score a few solid hits before I trust them completely. Worley was a solid hit, but that was a while ago. Oh, and no, I didn't act on the tip.

    DYOR, get vaccinated, frequently wrong etc. etc.

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