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Hi Mer,I do really appreciate your feedback and It has been...

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    Hi Mer,

    I do really appreciate your feedback and It has been worth reading your posts for the last couple of years in this thread. I do personally believe that The Q&A feedback from Mr M worthless and as you mentioned on this post he's just feeding us a line big sign client news distant future. I do respect Mr.M unfortunately Last couple of posts that he has posted on here regarding The Q&A feedback that clearly does not reflect today SP.

    MR.M could accumulate his shares from 10M to 30M and wait another 2-3 years without positive news but as an investor I do spend my money somewhere else until I see the positive news from management.

    We are nearly two months from PPS launch and counting for big news. As I mentioned earlier I do not want to jump into the ship until I see the first sign client. Maybe it's less risky than without news to see the declining SP. I do feel that the share price will dip below .01 in the complete absence of news.

    Bahay is definitely one of the better CEO's that I've come across but the communication needs to start flowing more regularly otherwise the market does not want to digest how good the management and tech.

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