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I personally disagree - the company is positioned in a...

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    I personally disagree - the company is positioned in a significantly better place than a year ago when they were trading around the range that touched 0.8c.
    There's been a company restructure, dropping the NL, acquisition of revenue producing businesses that add value to the goals they are working towards to name a few.

    The risk profile is significantly lower than some other high risk exploration plays that PWN is frequently compared to due to the nature of our goal of landing a contract being compared to finding a large volume of resource - except ours is significantly less luck based. We have the opportunity to potentially reach cash-positive as well - I'll be having a close eye on the financials coming out of the next quarterly. This allows the business stability that many other companies down this end of market cap on the ASX do not have - companies that are valued at a lot higher multiples while having 0 revenue and significantly less potential for stability like PWN does.

    In fact, I feel like we've undervalued on a variety of metrics when compared to a lot of other businesses. Like someone previously mentioned here, one of the draws of investing in PWN is that there is very limited downside compared to the upside potential. Sure we'd like a lot more communication regarding ongoing discussions and progress towards contracts, but any progress is a plus when it's progress in a forming a cash producing business that adds value to the goal of landing a contract. While also limiting any possible downside we have of potentially going under or needing more capital raises just to keep the company running, like so many other companies I've seen.

    That being said, I'd definitely like a lot more information particularly about the progress of the Worley deal - from the Worley subsidiary's point of view or with their input, would definitely be very insightful. There hasn't been a wealth of communication after their promises of more communication over the last month or two. Here's to hoping the upcoming quarterly is much more valuable.

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