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    Ok ... well it looks like the TV2 threads have maintained the civility for which they are renowned!rolleyes.png Some of the posters names have changed though - happy days!confused.png

    I was a LT in this stock and I believed in the product. I was here from the early GAL days. Sadly, in my view, this stock is little more than a 'lifestyle' stock for NF and his band of revolving door 'executives'.

    The question I ask myself is, "... why would I buy a TV2 product (even if they could deliver)?" I guess many are asking that question now - hence the 0.004 SP. The world has moved on - I think! The streaming media landscape has altered dramatically in the 4 years since I owned this share. Everyone has their shot and timing is everything - too much time spent on things other than improving shareholder wealth - in my view.

    Look at the recent, 'Results of General Meeting' announcement.

    Resolutions focused on spinning the revolving door of 'directors', 'renumeration' and the issuance of CN's. Seriously, when I see CN's I head for the exit door. CN's tend to enrich the CN holder and not the shareholder - in my experience.

    The company, insofar as I can see, has produced little more than lofty promises and routinely stoked the fires of hope where there is probably no justification for such hope.  

    GLTAH - very glad I sold when I did.  

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