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Ann: ALLOT: GEO: Notification of Allotment of Securities

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    • Release Date: 04/02/15 10:17
    • Summary: ALLOT: GEO: Notification of Allotment of Securities
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    04/02/2015 10:17
    REL: 1017 HRS GeoOP Limited
    ALLOT: GEO: Notification of Allotment of Securities
    4 February 2015
    Market Announcements
    NZX Limited
    For the purposes of NZAX Listing Rule 7.11.1, GeoOp Limited (NZX: GEO)
    advises the following securities have been issued:
    Class of Security:  Ordinary Shares
    ISIN:  NZGEOE0001S5
    Number of shares issued:  175,267
    Nominal value: n/a
    Issue price:  $0.59 per ordinary share, being the 20 day volume weighted
    average price of GeoOp Limited's ordinary shares on the NZX Alternative
    Market to 2 February 2015
    Payment in cash:  No.  Shares allotted to directors in consideration for
    services as directors of GeoOp Limited for 2014
    Amount paid up:  Fully paid
    Percentage of the total class of securities issued (excl. Treasury Stock):
    Reason for the issue: Shares issued to directors in lieu of equivalent
    remuneration in cash
    Specific authority for the issue:  Directors' resolution
    Terms of the issue: The ordinary shares are issued on the same terms as
    existing ordinary shares in GeoOp Limited
    Total number of securities on issue after issue:  26,945,357 and 500,077
    treasury stock
    Treasury Stock:  No
    Date of issue: 4 February 2015
    - ends -
    Stewart Reynolds
    Chief Financial & Operating Officer
    Email: [email protected]
    End CA:00260293 For:GEO    Type:ALLOT      Time:2015-02-04 10:17:47
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