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Ann: ALLOT: CRP: Chatham Rock Phosphate: allotment announcement

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    • Release Date: 10/02/15 14:59
    • Summary: ALLOT: CRP: Chatham Rock Phosphate: allotment announcement
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    10/02/2015 14:59
    REL: 1459 HRS Chatham Rock Phosphate Limited
    ALLOT: CRP: Chatham Rock Phosphate: allotment announcement
    10 February 2015
    Allotment of new ordinary shares
    Chatham Rock Phosphate advises that it has issued 198,113 fully paid ordinary
    shares in aggregate to a contractor of the Company, CRP-OCS Consulting
    Limited, as part consideration for services rendered to the Company and at an
    issue price of $0.212 (Payment Shares). The issue price for the Payment
    Shares reflects the averaged 20 day volume weighted average price of a share
    in CRP on the NZAX market for the quarters ended March 31, June 30, September
    30 and December 31 2014.
    Full particulars of the allotments are set out below.
    Chris Castle
    Chief Executive
    Email: [email protected]
    Class of security:  Ordinary shares (Shares)
    ISIN:  NZWENE0003S0
    Total number issued:  198,113
    Issue price:  $0.212 per Share
    Payment in cash:  No
    Fully paid:  Yes
    Percentage of class:  0.094%
    Purpose of the issue:  Issue of Shares represents payment for services
    Authority for the issue:  Board resolutions
    Date of issue: 10 February 2015
    Total number of securities on issue following allotments: 210,784,109 Shares
    End CA:00260450 For:CRP    Type:ALLOT      Time:2015-02-10 14:59:33
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