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Ann: ALLOT: AOR: Aorere Resources: Allotment of shares

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    • Summary: ALLOT: AOR: Aorere Resources: Allotment of shares
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    09/02/2015 15:37
    REL: 1537 HRS Aorere Resources Limited
    ALLOT: AOR: Aorere Resources: Allotment of shares
    9 February 2015
    NZX Market Announcement - Allotment of Shares
    Further to the announcement of 15 January 2015, it has come to the Company's
    attention that it has not issued shares to Chris Castle for the quarter ended
    30 September 2014. The Company has allotted these shares today, in accordance
    with his contract for services. That contract provides for shares to be
    issued quarterly, at the end of the relevant quarter.
    Class of security: Ordinary shares
    ISIN: NZNZIE0007S5
    Number issued: 3,100,775
    Issue price: $0.00645
    Payment in cash: No
    Fully paid: Yes
    Percentage of class: 0.476%
    Purpose of the issue:  Shares issued represent consideration for services
    rendered as an Executive.
    Authority for the issue: Board resolutions
    Date of issue: 9 February 2015
    Total number of securities on issue following allotments: 654,746,481
    For further information, please contact:
    Chris Castle
    Managing Director
    E: + [email protected]
    End CA:00260417 For:AOR    Type:ALLOT      Time:2015-02-09 15:37:46
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