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I have to say that the RXL threads on hc are the most...

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    I have to say that the RXL threads on hc are the most fact-untethered threads I follow.

    Just on the post by asculpeous:

    "RXL has surrounded Ramelius's Penny project." No, Rox has not surrounded RMS tenements. The best thing going for followers of RXL hc threads is that m0ngy regularly posts analysis, including tenement maps for the region. Some here should spend a few minutes and look at those maps. There are several holders of tenements around the RMS tenements, with Rox and Venus being the holders with by far the biggest footprints. But Rox tenements do not surround the RMS tenements.

    "if RXL can emulate these results to the South..." well, that would be great in that case but there is nothing solid that confirms Rox will emulate something like another Penny discovery.

    "we have a Tier 1 province ... " are you serious? discounting the old resources around the Youanmi pit even if Rox were to duplicate what is at Penny the whole area would have about 1 million ounces of high grade gold. The definition of a tier 1 project is one that is long life, high grade, and low cost. All we have so far are a couple of high grade deposits, with Ramelius looking to truck its ore out of the area. To suggest that a couple of Penny size deposits constitutes a tier 1 province is such a massive over-reach as to become puffery.

    "with RXL being the key player." Ramelius is the major player in the area, with the easiest route to monetarising ore from the area, and Venus also has a fair bit of sway. So I would accept that Rox is A player, but it is not THE player.

    "Ramelius will probably want to strike if the results of the aircore campaign are anything like the Penny results" well given Penny North will be an underground operation I don't think aircore drilling had much to do with Ramelius becoming interested in it. Also, name me one acquisition by Ramelius that was based on aircore results?

    "-let alone add a significant Nickel resource to their portfolio" Again, name me one instance in the history of Ramelius that management has indicated the slightest interest in anything other than gold? There is nothing to suggest that Ramelius wants a lazy asset on its balance sheet. If anything Rox's nickel tenements are a hindrance for Ramelius to move on Rox: it would either have to pay extra for something it does not want or it would have the added complication of having to onsell the nickel tenements to buyers that know that Rameilus is a motivated seller.

    So apart from Ramelius stating explicitly and repeatedly that it wants its next acquisition to be already in production, I think the fact that Rox does not own outright most of its tenements but does have money tied up in nickel are reasons why Rox would not be first preference for Ramelius.

    I can understand that a lot of people seem to be heavily committed to Rox and I get the frustration of slow news - we were lucky to get 2 ASX announcements out of Ramelius a quarter not long ago and even now there are days where there are no hc comments about RMS - but to me that does not excuse presenting hopium as analysis and conjecture as facts.
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