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Hi I have a feeling (admitdley after a glass or two of red wine)...

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    Hi I have a feeling (admitdley after a glass or two of red wine) that these guys are in it long term not to selll out . They IMHO aim to become a top mid tier player or more. After all they want to "go large " on (for some of the directors) their last successes and are ambitious to achieve more.

    I.E in th AUS $ 1.00 plus range and get to the 48 Mtr super yacht moorings. Indeed 80 Mtr moorings could be in their sigts. See my previous post re Majorca and money to understand my point.

    They have got their psychological warfare right (info release honeys and accurate ) , in a gold friendly financial environment.

    Induvuals looking for returns the fast money are starting to sniff and some of us old holders smiling as patience starts to pay off.

    They have the connections and will use them.

    Its just a gut feeling , damn bottle is empty

    Welcome new posters and what they bring to the party.

    NOT RAMPING Never have.

    Cheers DOC
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