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Doc, Just putting on my DW thought process hat for a minute. I...

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    Just putting on my DW thought process hat for a minute.

    I don't see him consolidating any time soon, stay with me, it would make very little since to bring over his 2.4x XCD holding to 88e and consolidate the holding. Most consolidations at this end of the market are followed by a decreases in valuation and Dave had mentioned previously a number in the range of -15%.

    I don't see him tipping that 15% down the drain.

    It's not like he can sell large amounts on the market either, so he would seem a little stuck with a huge holding. Unless I see it incorrectly.

    My thought is, there is a plan in the wings and it's just a matter of all the pieces coming together, problem is the oil market is rubbish with the current uncertainty and most of the exploration is being wound back.

    It's fine for DW to wait 2-5 years for a return the rest of us don't have that option, definitely not me anyway.

    Like you, plenty of other opportunities out there, I still have some here and will trade the operational activities. I expect to see some end of financial year selling here and also some selling from former XCD holders who want no part of 88e and the lack of operational activities planned.

    Could provide a perfect opportunity if timed right to buy a few and trade out a few.

    I also expect once this XCD takeover is completed that a shiny new Presentation will be released expelling the great opportunity that had been captured.

    Just my thoughts

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