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Yes. It's a very different mind-set. Engineers see risk, where...

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    Yes. It's a very different mind-set. Engineers see risk, where sales guys see opportunity. Engineers naturally build in a 20% fudge factor in their thinking about everything - assuming what can go wrong - will go wrong, so over engineer everything by 20% to allow for the SNAFU. The sales guy expects it all to go right , and that if it doesn't he can move fast enough to pull another rabbit out of the hat.

    In reality you need a bit of both, or a lot of time. The engineer is an acquired taste - after a long history of dry under-statement those around him come to discount his reserve and assume over delivery, but initially, particularly after the sales guy, they continue to discount everything he says by 20% because they are used to the sales-guy being 80% right, not 120% right.

    The market is going to need a little time to adjust to this change in style.
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