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I was a little puzzled on that point too; is Admedus only...

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    I was a little puzzled on that point too; is Admedus only borrowing the 1 mill OR will it being borrowing a larger sum in the future?

    Sale of MDD has definitely given Admedus breathing space; there is the bridging loan, then the funds from MDD and incoming revenue to support for the next (?) number of months operational costs.

    As much as borrowing might be a better option then a immediate CR everything needs to fall into place otherwise like last time there will be a CR to pay off the loan plus to keep going.

    I would really hope that this non-dilutive funding is from a another potential deal and that if very close this company stays suspended until that time.

    In the event of having to borrow I will be concerned on market reaction to this though it would have to more favourable than a CR.

    On a side note what opportunities there are if you were a multi millionaire and got deals similar to the SIO bridging loan!, cool that the banker involved use to be a Doctor, interesting career change!
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