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    The Remuneration Report received MORE support than it got last year, 87.26% For, an extra 40.5 million votes (???!!!)  and 11.58% Against, an extra 5.3 million votes, but, an increase of just .1% more than last year due to the sizeable increase in the For vote.

    Says a lot, especially about my "interest" in the trading numbers for the past 7 months.  I know that it is drawing a long bow, but, it's "possible" that the 40+million that have been traded (bought) may have all been "friendly" i.e. supporting the Board and the Executive.  But, there was a very small vote last year and they haven't shown the total number of votes this year to compare the overall percentage of votes compared to the total number of shares on issue, but, there still appears to be a large gap making it impossible to make any conclusive decisions.

    BUT, it is reasonably clear that "someone" has not been accumulating specifically to vote against the remuneration Report.

    So, IMO, it still begs the question, why would anybody, maybe not singular, be pouring over $800K buying shares in Icon from what we all know that it is on the public record, virtually no corporate progress for over 3 years and its life line assets in a market that is putrid for fund raising, the only thing that can resuscitate this company's fortunes.

    I'm beginning to lean to the half glass full story that that accumulation is, in fact, a potentially very significant positive. The, very valuable, (potential) assets are still there and as the Chairman said "Icon has been talking with several potential farminees but has not yet entered into anyformal negotiations. Your Board remains confident that the current market, whilevolatile, will enable Icon to succeed in obtaining the funding to continue the explorationand to drill wells on our tenements.

    IMO, there is a reasonable probability that someone else believes that optimism and is accumulating a position accordingly.

    Would love to share others' thoughts given that "allegedly" there have been over 4.5K reads in the last month of the latest thread.


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