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anm vs. anmna

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    ANMNA vs. ANM
    As expected ANMNA is trading down today having gone ex. distribution of 3.2c
    However, can anyone come up with a logical explanation why ANMNA is trading at a discount of around 20% to ANM.
    ANMNA is offering a Queensland Government guaranteed semi-annual income stream of 3.2c to 23 Nov 2004. (3 more payment @ 3.2c available to anyone buying ANMNA now)
    ANM is not paying a dividend.
    ANMNA will revert to fully paid ANM shares on 23 Nov. 2004 when the final distribution is paid.
    Any dilution will impact both ANM and ANMNA at the same ratio.
    I fail to see the logic in the relative discount.
    Unless it is plain supply and demand with perhaps the 'Mum's & Dads' selling out ANMNA.
    jimmyn and others - very interested in you views.

    Holding ANMNA and after yesterday twice as many <:)
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