ANL /HRR Heron Resources

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    Heron Resources have released their quarterly report which if one reads in its entirety is more than just of a passing interest.
    Do any ANL shareholders have a view in regard to Heron supplying (a higher grade ore???) to ANL in the immediate future and do you think that this could substantially help ANL?
    Heron wants the cash flow.
    I believe that ANL has wanted Heron's ore for some 6-8 months now and also am of the opinion that ANL is the un named company in HRR's report who have carried out tests to verify Heron's grades of nickel and cobalt from Goongarrie/Pamela Jean.

    Heron is in negotiation for proposed trial mining at Goongarrie and reading their report will give you an insight as to quantities and grades that are to be treated by an un named company.
    Any opinions??
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