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animal trials and reliability

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    There has been some comment made on the Ventrassist device.

    Although I haven't been given any information as to what exactly was trialled, it is not too difficult to visualize what was needed.

    Design of trials requires attention to details and to test the device, some 40 sheep took part.

    They wouldn't all be walking around either; some would have been lying on the floor; if one opened the door of the testing room, one could have been confronted by some sheep sitting in chairs which had a rocking motion.

    Other chairs could have moved along rails: say move forward 3 m. suddenly stop and reverse. This could be a continuous action.
    Obviously, there are timelimits allocated to these situatons. Later on, one sheep gave birth and a healthy male lamb was the result.

    Many trials were done without animals. VCR informed us quite some time ago that they had performed very satisfactory earth quake trials.

    Presumably, they would also hooked the device onto a machine which would give it a rotating upside down movement.

    Whatever, 40 sheep and all the other device trials are a testimony to the painstaking work performed by the VCR staff.

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