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angola increases oil output

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    interesting to read that they are not much behind Nigeria in oil production
    Angola may one day be the first oil producer in Africa....

    "Luanda, Feb 27 (Prensa Latina) Angolan oil production will reach two million barrels a day this year, Angolan National Oil Society (SONAGOL) president Miguel Vicente predicted on Wednesday.

    Such oil output will consolidate the African country as second on the continent and very close to the first, Nigeria, with 2.1 million.

    SONAGOL, with almost 8,200 workers, continues extending its potential through investments and stock acquisitions in all lines of the national market.

    Vicente emphasized that the Luanda Refinery is now part of the company and will be modernized shortly.

    SONAGOL board of directors also announced opening of a new factory in Zaire Province with capacity of 200 barrels of oil daily.

    Another planned aspect of SENAGOL's production is liquefied gas for which it will construct a processing plant to begin operation in 2010."
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