Andrews says we must get to the other side... but exactly what is that he won't say

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    Does he mean the lockdowns only stop when there is a zero infection rate... well, frankly, he, me and the rest of us will have left this earthly mortal coil by then, mostly due natural causes. In other words it means permanent never ending lockdown. No virus has ever been fully eradicated, so its pointless. Or maybe he means some kind of sustainable infection rate that he can accept. What might that be... maybe something less than the annual state road toll ( deaths and hospitalizations combined per capita). If thats the case, that covid casualties are to be less than road toll casualties, then it begs the question why not shut down all roads, like shutting down businesses, which will no doubt reduce the road toll to where he wants the covid rate. Yeh, I can see that getting traction... NOT. We need an answer and we need consistency in terms of what is the targetted "tolerable" infection rate that allows us to return to some normality. Why dont reporters at these media briefing show some guts and try and pin him down on just what "the other side" actually is. Some nebulous vague answer should be ridiculed, on camera. I see around the globe this question of what we can live with, or have to live with, in terms of an infection rate is coming more and more to the forefront.
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