SIB siberia mining corporation limited

andrew's magic is working well..

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    hi guys.(now in asx-by code)

    just sitting here bored, and looking at (sib)..

    not a pretty picture.

    little wonder it's going down like the titanic, see below recent announcements..

    who is at the helm..????

    23 Dec 2004 Board Appointment

    17 Dec 2004 Resignation of Director

    17 Nov 2004 Appointment-Managing Director & General Manager-Operations

    i'd say we might not have even found the bottom as yet, alot depends on the market come early 2005.

    much depends on the gold prices..

    given it's current price 16.5cents, you'd want too see a price around 19-20cents before you considered.

    or at least a very strong uptrend.

    see below weekly charts..

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