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Andrew Robb - Minister for Trade and Investment

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    Would Andrew Robb - Minister for Trade and Investment be the right bloke?

    Connect with Hon Andrew Robb AO, MP

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    My Email sent to Minister Robb;
    Dear Minister Robb -Minister for Trade and Investment

    Cockatoo Coal (COK) have decided to hand over the company to the Giant Singaporean Commodities Trader NOBLE GROUP at about a 99.5% discount or wipeout for Australian Investors, who have borne the costs of bringing the company thus far. While QLD due to the election has as yet no minister for Resources and Mines, the company (COK) are due to come out of a trading halt on the stock market on Tuesday.
    Management don't care that the stock is to be given away, as they will reward themselves with billions of stock options after the dust has settled.

    Yours Faithfully
    Share Investor;
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