Andrew Bolt - on Bill Shortens tears re his mum

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    Andrew Bolt calls out the disgraceful inferences in the Daily Telegraph.

    In doing so he has also taken it onto himself to say the views expressed by the Daily Telegraph
    are not the views across the whole Murdoch media.



    Andrew Bolt
    May 8, 2019 9:43am

    Bill Shorten is livid about the Daily Telegraph's front page today. Despite being a Telegraph columnist, I must say this: Shorten spoke truly when he said his mother sacrificed her dream to be a lawyer, taking up teaching to help her siblings. There is no invention here.

    That she decades later, after a great career teaching, finally realised her dream has been well-reported and does not negate at all her admirable sacrifice.

    I note that the Herald Sun, my employer, chose not to run this story. I support that decision.

    I point that out not least because there is an unfortunate tendency of critics to assume that what one paper does is part of a wider "Murdoch media" campaign.

    It is not. What one paper does (or this case two, including the Courier Mail) is what one paper does.

    Each have their own reasons, and I hope it is understood by people on both sides of this issue that the "Murdoch media" embraces many views - including, I hope, my own.

    As for Shorten, I have found him much more personable and thoughtful than his critics like to claim. My argument with him is over policy, and nothing personal."
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