And they wonder why churches are becoming irreleva

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    Time these guys stuck to saving souls and leave the matter of getting rid of evil on Earth to others.

    Anglican head blames bombing on alliance with US:

    The head of the Anglican Church in Australia has blamed the Bali bombings on Australia's outspoken support for the United States in planning military action against Iraq.

    In an address tonight to the annual synod of the Anglican Church in Perth, the Most Reverend Dr Peter Carnley stopped short of blaming the Prime Minister, but says he was warned.

    But he says there is a widely-held view that the Mr Howard's comments in the early stages of the US call for a war in Iraq, marked Australia as a target for retaliation by militant Muslims.

    "We wrote to Mr Howard on the 8th of August in fact," he said.

    "I wrote on behalf of the Australian bishops, and the National Council of Churches also wrote.

    "I think it was around about that time that, in fact, the Prime Minister took a more, a moderate approach to the US bombing of Iraq."

    What a wonderful man!
    Now what i want to know is , where are his words of wisdom and condemnation on the ongoing murder and Crucifixion of Christians in Sudan, the murder and beheadings of Christians in Ambon in Indonesia, the religious slaughter in Nigeria, killing of christians in Egypt, the bombings of churches and schools in Pakistan . ......NOTHING! Sweet F/A.!!

    What about the bombings of shops and now a bus in the Phillipines , what about the hostage taking and beheadings of christians in the Phillipines?

    Strange, but i dont seem to remember the Phillipines being a vocal supporter for an attack on Iraq.

    Just what plan does the honourable Reverend have to remove these prolic killers from the scene, ....pray for their souls?

    The old adage , "God looks after little children , drunks and idiots" seems to hold true.

    Any wonder , many thousands including myself became disillusioned non practicing Anglicans.

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