The themes in Kincella's post above are - as usual that;1)...

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    The themes in Kincella's post above are - as usual that;
    1) Housing investments are stable, and
    2) Equity markets suck.

    And, yet again, he/she fails to grasp the underlying messages that the performance in both these asset classes tells you.

    So, I'll spell it out:

    1) No asset class is 'safe', they go up and they go down over loonnggg periods of time, not mini cycles of 3-4 years. Think longer, think decades, think generations.
    2) Risk mitigation is absolutely paramount, but it has to be done right. Averaging down in one stock or asset class as a risk mitigation strategy doesn't work unless you are prepared to average down to insanely low levels - unimaginably low levels.

    As for super funds, Kincella is spot-on in my opinion. Run away from them. No, dont look back. Keep going.
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