And then it was 60!

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    The Commonwealth health Policy on Covid vaccination
    is like the Aussie proverbial "tie it up with wire to keep the show on the road"

    Now its over 60 for ScoMo's Money Managed poverty AZ pack .
    Pit y about the conscientious 50 - 60 year old Aussies who who have had
    their first shot and have to wait 12 weeks for the second.
    Perhaps ScoMo should have considered moving that up to 66 (aged pension age) so that
    all casualties over that would be a saving of pension money in lime with his
    "better money management policy" !!

    Reminds me of the German Joke re Pensioners...."Walk on the Red Light for the sake of National Economy.

    IMO ScoMo choose Astra Zeneca last year because the wholesale price is $3 USD a jab while Pfizer & Moderna are $20 & $27 respectively
    Cheap as
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