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    R.R-is onto something with OLA??

    Maybe this will increase the value of RFS

    5 Jun 2002 09:27 OLA Trading Halt


    HOMEX - Sydney

    Rivkin Financial Services Limited became a substantial shareholder in
    Online Advantage Limited on 31/05/2002 with a relevant interest in
    the issued share capital of 19,583,674 ordinary shares (9.12%).
    Now what does RIVKIN FINANCIAL SERVICES know about ONLINE
    ADVANTAGE that the rest of us don't?
    RFS yesterday said it had acquired 9.12 per cent or
    19.58m shares in OLA on May 31.
    OLA closed down .1c to 3.1c on 11.9m shares with shareholders
    still apparently unenthused.
    OLA still has $6m cash in hand, although this only works out to
    3.03c per share.

    14/5/02 -- buy- around 33c---Rivkin Financial Services RFS
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