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and a remidner

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    oh - and just a pleasant reminder.. to all those people who were griefing me when i said the rig count didnt correlate to US oil output yet, because big producers would increase output while marginals closed exploration and high cost production drilling

    US rigs down 18% in past 3 months - US oil output continuing to rise

    US oil is going to be no higher the $us75 once all this clears out in a year's time - which means Santos will be a $5-7 stock unless Brent somehow goes to a much higher level

    t boone pickens - i defy you sah. there, my glove is thrown in your general direction

    but i still think STO gets a pop back up toward 9 once the US immediate overflows back off in a few months

    will take a long time for optimists to recognise the long term change in valuations
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