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    Hello arthur and Grant62,

    well things seem just as bleak as when I last looked in don't they.

    Grant, I have been unable to locate a specific recent substantial shareholder announcement relating to Conspress / PBL but I presume you are referring to Friday's Top 20 listing.

    I must say that I would be/have been very happy to see the Packers push their holding right up to the 19.9% level in the last few days but any increase in the very recent past I would regard as good news.

    There is, as you point out, no advantage in the lowering of an average price of entry where the company to be liquidated. Further it is easier (though not neccesarily out of respect for the law of course) to deal with the restructure of this business above board for all the business reasons you cite Grant than to have Packer interests appear to benefit from deals concocted to 'salvage' or just straight out grab TMS assets in ways that might attract charges of disadvantaging minority shareholders.

    Maybe I'm wrong and it will cost some money but I suspect that the bleakest moment when one wouldn't dram of buying shares in this company might just turn out to be the exact moment when one should.

    Anyway, no-one could possibly claim to have bought in the last few days without knowing the risk.

    As always do your own research. There is plenty here on this site alone - probably of very much more practical use than that contained in the papers.
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