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    Results of Anadis clinical trial, great news for gastritis sufferers.
    A clinical trial at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital has shown that products based on
    colostrum extracts, as developed by Anadis Ltd, are of benefit to patients suffering
    from gastritis associated with the bacterium, H. pylori.
    H. pylori is associated with the development of most duodenal and gastric ulcers and
    in addition some forms of gastric cancer and lymphoma. Patients participating in this
    trial were suffering from non-ulcer dyspepsia with symptoms of nausea, abdominal
    discomfort/pain and bloating. Those that received the Anadis product showed
    significant relief in symptoms and a reduction in H. pylori infection.
    Based on these trial results Anadis plans to launch an over-the-counter nutraceutical
    product for gastritis relief. The product, to be sold under the name Pyloran, will
    initially be aimed at markets in Asia. Anadis CEO, Conor Graham, commented that
    “Pyloran is an exciting addition into Anadis’s Nutraceuticals for Asia Program.”
    Anadis believes that a natural product such as Pyloran is a safe and effective addition
    to the multi billion dollar, conventional pharmaceutical treatments market, for H.
    pylori gastritis.
    The Alfred Hospital trial underpins a continuing Pyloran R&D program by Anadis, to
    develop further products for sufferers of gastro-intestinal problems.
    For further information contact :
    Dr. Grant Rawlin – General Manager Research & Development
    Mr. Arie Nudel – Investor Relations
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