an open letter of advice re subversion.

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    Over the past year or so the debate has raged to and fro about Islam, Judiaism, terrorism, global politics and a plethora of other topics.

    In the main, the ebb and flow of the debate has been entertaining, mostly (hahahah) civil and usually well-informed.

    Over the past few days I feel things seem to have changed. Why, I'm not certain.

    Maybe because of the heightened risks and alerts re terrorism that now seem to be affecting us at homew


    A comment today by - of all people Fullguy - got me thinking.

    He attempted, in his typical twisted manner, to suggest that September 11 was similar to the bombing of the King David Hotel because "we had warnings".

    I, of course, full of indignation - rebutted it and said hardly, to compare a clear warning of an impending bomb(ie KDHotel) with having snippetts of intel and data was asinine.

    Then I started to think and the lines of the oft-quoted comment re apathy and government that "you often get the governmnet you deserve" came to mind.

    In fact, he's right!

    I beleive we are being warned by the likes of fullguy and ccutale.

    All that has to happen now is for us to hear them clearly for what they are.

    So.....I took it upon myself to make a report to ASIO and not surprisingly, they were already aware of this and other forums and they were all too eager to hear the report and act as a conduit to the appropriate investigative section.

    For those interested or who feel similarly inclined, their Tel # is 1 800 123 400 which is their Security Line

    The tracking # that you can quote, to link with what I have done is # 1169 2768

    In the end we all do what we feel we have to do.
    But that got me thinking along th

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