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An old favourite...CST

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    Acclaim for TB test



    Just found this news article on a favourite stock of members ,Ridge and Forrest,

    Ridge kept the forum up to date with his brilliant in depth details on CST in its early run to fame ,

    Unfortunatly both Ridge and Forrest were continually abused ,berated ,heckled by a couple of members ,or it
    now looks like one member with a BLACK name ,

    I believe that these attacks caused quiet a few good members ,to stop posting so as to avoid this on going abuse.

    Lets hope that has come to an end.
    clips from the article

    THE first new early-detection test for tuberculosis in 100 years is poised to become a multi-million dollar earner for its Victorian owners.


    QuantiFERON was invented by Melbourne scientists and developed by Melbourne-owned biotechnology company Cellestis.

    You can read all the article here

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