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    An Offensive Fence is Offensive
    by Irwin Graulich
    Aug. 08, '03 / 10 Av 5763

    How does the Arab world get "offended?" In virtually every way possible. Since honor and shame are among the two most important values throughout the Muslim world, and since 22 Arab nations together cannot defeat Israel or America in any battle or civilizational accomplishment, they have developed a totally new strategy.

    This novel "offensive" weapon is to get "offended" about everything. Israel and America have put virtually every Arab nation to shame. With world domination being the ultimate Muslim goal, both Christianity represented by America and Judaism represented by Israel have become the Arab world's dominant masters.

    Imagine, one billion Muslims not being able to destroy a tiny state located within their midst, encompassing a few million Jews, many of whom learn in yeshivas all day. Yet these Islamic countries could not create a single democracy with comparable technological, medical or intellectual achievements. How embarrassing and shameful!

    So why was "a fence" necessary? Since cowards will not fight the IDF, their targets become innocent citizens whom they sneak up on. These macho Palestinians are obviously insulted that it only requires some concrete and metal wire to keep those "tough guy" Arab terrorists from blowing up school children on buses; or to make sure those "dangerous" Palestinian fighters do not blow up babies eating their first slice of pizza; or to stop the "heroic" al-Aqsa brigade members from detonating nail bombs laced with rat poison in front of pregnant women.

    Why was "offense" necessary? Israel responded to attacks and the Arab world finally realized that it could not defeat anyone except each other in a war. This reality has tremendously "offended" their honor. All the oil money, the vast numbers of soldiers, and they are still pathetic losers every time. A few million Jews showed the world in several wars what Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon are truly made of - silly putty.

    Therefore, because Israel and America have an undefeatable "offense", the Arab "offense" had to change from physical to verbal. Mohammed, that incredible warrior, must be spinning in his grave. Like little children, the Arabs now use lies and nasty words to insult, lie and win the fight. Occupation, colonialism, imperialism, Nazi, Jihad and freedom fighter are just a few of the carefully selected tactical terms.

    Initially, Arab nations used the threatening phrase "to push Israel and the Jews into the sea." Now that they have lost their confidence and realize their inabilities, Israel must not be permitted to construct "a fence" on territory that biblically belongs to Israel and, Bible aside, was won by Israel in a war designed to destroy it.

    Initially, "offense" by the Israeli military (IDF) gets criticized no matter how moral or necessary, evidenced in Jenin. Now, "a fence" by the Israeli military gets criticized, no matter how moral or necessary. There is no winning against evil unless it is completely destroyed.

    When an army like Israel fights too morally and is not mean or tough enough, their "offense" will lead to "a fence", which inevitably will lead to "offending" the enemy. How dare those Jews think "a fence" is all that is necessary to stop our heroic Arab fighters. The Arab world respects strength and power. The once dominant and indeed beautiful, ethical, monotheistic Islamic faith has evolved into a fraudulent, weak religious system that has contributed nothing to our modern era; all the while Christianity and Judaism prevail and produce everything positive.

    Whether it is building "a fence" or taking the "offense", the morally confused Arab world gets "offended" and therefore becomes "offensive." This is the key reason there are many honor killings by Arab fathers who murder their daughters simply because they lose their virginity before marriage. The have dishonored and "offended" their family; and so has Israel in so many ways.

    Remember the great fearless hero, Lawrence of Arabia? The new Arab hero, Osama bin Laden is a man who hides fearfully from the enemy in caves and blows up innocent women and children. The strongest Arab leaders get defeated by Israel in six days or by America in a few weeks. The mighty leader Saddam now has to go undercover in his own country, wearing a woman's burka. This cannot be an elevating concept for the grandiose, macho Arab male ego.

    It is truly amazing that the politically right-leaning, almost fascistic Arab world has adopted the philosophy of the Western world's Left, by shifting blame away from the individual and holding inanimate objects responsible for their problems and weaknesses. The left in America and throughout much of the world does not assume personal responsibility. Instead, they blame societal violence on television movies, out-of-wedlock births on lack of condoms, the large increase in the prison population on poverty and increasing murder rates on guns. The Arab world has learned well from this strategy and now blames "a fence" for all of their troubles.
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