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    This from a US chat site I go to when ever I need to stoke up my anti-US fires, but it makes sense to me.

    Date: March 10, 2003 10:22 PM
    Author: Geoff Krueger ([email protected])
    Subject: War, oil and boomer retirements

    A U.S occupation of Iraq is the best way to ultimately stop the funding of Islamic terrorism, promoted by Saudi Arabia.

    Currently the U.S. needs Saudi Arabian friendship more than they need us, so they are free to pursue their religious/terrorist agenda. As long as Iraqi oil production is expanded within a few years, Saudi Arabia and cohorts will need the U.S. more than we need them (or their oil).

    It is irrelevant that the U.S. may or may not receive the bulk of the oil service contracts after the war. All of the Iraqi oil revenue will go back to Iraq to rebuild the country. While this may appear exceedingly altruistic on the part of the U.S., who will pay for the entire cost of the war and occupation, it will ultimately prove a bargain.

    Because Iraq will use the oil revenue to rebuild the country, pay its debt, feed and clothe children, clean the environment, etc.(It really doesn't matter how they use the money, as long as it is redistributed Nanny-state style) Iraq will be able to deviate from OPEC production guidelines and dump its oil on the market and the price of oil will plummet. Governments dependent on oil revenue throughout the Middle East will crack down on Islamic terrorism just as Pakistan is or face downfall from the wrath of the now destitute Islamic street.

    Of course there will be a temporary upsurge of terrorism, but it is unlikely to be a repeat of 9/11. If Al Queda had the capability to perform an encore they would have done so already. Support for terrorism will wane as the Arab street sees the broadbased prosperity resurgent in Iraq as they are mired in poverty.

    The greatest benefit of a puppet Iraq and the resulting low oil prices is not the reduction in terrorism. Low oil prices will buy the U.S. time, the most precious commodity. Low oil prices will permit greater profitability of U.S. auto manufacturers and will allow them to continue to pay for the healthcare of their current employees and retirees. I don't know the exact amount of benefits retired auto workers receive but I would wager an union worker's annual salary that they are exceedingly generous and costly (from a customer's perspective).

    If any of the U.S. auto manufacturers are forced to sell more unprofitable small cars because of fuel costs or fuel efficiency standards, the cost of retiree benefits will transfer to the federal government at the same time that the boomer generation begins to draw Social Security and Medicare at unsustainable levels.

    The Great Reckoning is fast approaching. It is quite an irony that with President Bush concentrating on a minor foreign crisis, he is actually helping to delay a major domestic one. A second gulf war for merely oil would be costly and foolish. A second gulf war to buy time is a dime-store bargain.
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