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    from ABC Online

    The northern Indian state of Haryana which has just 820 women for every 1,000 men has become a huge market for underage girls, who are sold for 4,000 rupees ($US83), about a fifth of the price of a buffalo, a report said.

    The Hindustan Times reports trafficking of the minor girls, for sex or marriage, came to light when police in Haryana's Faridabad district rescued two girls aged 13 and 15 from Buraka village two weeks ago.

    They had been sold to two men for 10,000 rupees by a trafficker, the report said.

    Two more minors were rescued by the police a few days later.

    The daily said most of the victims were from the eastern state of West Bengal, southern state of Andhra Pradesh and the north-eastern province of Assam, but the Haryana Government was turning a blind eye to the trafficking.

    "It's just a question of demand and supply, a natural fallout of the state's adverse sex ratio," an unnamed official told the newspaper.

    Haji Abdul Rehman, the head of a village council, said thousands of girls from other states were taken to Haryana mostly for marriage.

    "But some people have started selling the girls, bringing a bad name to us," he said.

    Female foeticide is believed to be responsible for the decline in numbers of women in Haryana.

    Many people in India, especially in rural areas, still prefer sons as they have to give dowry for daughters at the time of their marriage.


    Atomu, fallguy and the rest of the great moralists here, what do you think of this?
    Or will you be going for a holiday there

    Dave R.
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