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an interesting article re cuo and url, page-19

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    re: interesting but ..fantastic - beyond belief HI BSH

    I do admire your enthusiasm for URL, and even I have it as one of my top 5 jinior miners to watch for 2005 (see 1 jan post).

    However one must acknowledge that it is still a junior miner, resource or no resource, and therefore the risk is high.

    The reason i have it as one of my top 5 is that the CUO TKO effort will likely get Peter Ingram moving in terms of better explaining the story...the sulphide announcment after the bid was one example of this.

    I have however no delusions that none of my top 5 will be the top mining stocks for 2005. Of course I hope Im wrong but there will always be other stocks like FCN, FMG etc that will perform way better than mine. Though I did at least get it right a couple times with IGO and OXR which were in the top 5 ASX miining stocks for at least 1 year each.

    URL in my opinion will be a good performer in 2005 with the meagre TKO offer supporting its price but not resulting in a TKO (something I suppose we should be thankful for to CUO).

    Of course the REAL upside in URL will come when the BFS is completed and we move to production. I dont expect the BFS to be finished in 2005 (as expected by the company), rather 2006 with a 2007 start up date more likely.

    So I think it will have a good year and I maintain its one to keep on the watchlist or to consider buying (as an investor), but the real upside will be 06 and 07.

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