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an excellent day

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    Was busy most of the day, so not really follow what was happening.

    Today was an excellent day for AMU from pretty much every perspective. Really, the only thing better that could have happened was the seller at 63 cents get taken out.

    Given the weak market, and the fact that every other small cap oil stock that I have glanced at fell in price, AMU rising was very impressive.

    COE: down 2c to 62.5c
    BPT: down 7c to 136.5c
    STU: down 3.5c to 103.5c
    PSA: down 3.5c to 113.5c
    ROC: down 2.5c to 196c
    AMU: UP 2c to 63c

    No compaints from me here! Just wish I could press the fast forward button on life to get to target depth on Schwing #2.

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