An end to Spam forever

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    Having had my second e mail of the day telling me my penis is too small and the third inviting me to send cash to a US post box....Madcow hereby daclares war on spam. As most of it comes from the US

    This is what we all must do.

    1.Copy this address to your address book..yes it is real

    [email protected]

    Copy this text or something similar somewhere polite cos it will have more impact that way.

    Dear Mr President

    I am getting a tad sick of the filth and fraud being generated by your countrymen arriving unsolicited on my family's computer.

    Until such time as your government does something about it I shall be on forewarding it to you.

    Have a nice day.

    Now when you get spam, in the same time as it takes to delete it you can foreward it with the above header to Good ol George W.

    Also copy this and send it to everyone on your e mail list. In about 4 weeks when the Whitehouse is getting 10 million penis enhancement e mails per day something will be done to stop it.

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