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An Email to Ted Ellyard and Scott Spencer

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    Dear Ted and Scott,

    I know you guys are busy but I thought I would update you on trading today.

    It was starting to feel like the bottom had been reached with the buyers starting to show some interest again.
    The sellers at 63 cents were gradually being reduced with sales at 63 cents just before close of trade and a nice balance of buyers against sellers.
    During the In-Open period just after the market closed, there was suddenly a large sell order of 265,000 shares from 3 sellers who took out almost all the buyers at 62 cents resulting in another weak finish to the day.
    I guess investors like myself are wondering why this is continually happening with all the good news coming through and why such a large order at the close of trade when the stock was actually looking stronger with sales at 63 cents.

    I guess you must be getting some negative feedback from the institutions and others who took the placement at 70 cents, certainly not what they would have liked to see and no apparent end in sight to the selling.

    God help us all if Thon does not come in as planned!!!!!
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