An auditory illusion?

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    I switched on the ABC news over lunch to see what they had to say about the budget results.
    Well, the young lady who delivered the news and chaired the discussion delivered her message at breathtaking speed, and I use that term advisedly, as she literally spoke so fast it seemed she could hardly breath.
    Oh well, I thought, she's what I would call a gusher. Nothing wrong with that. In fact I found my attention riveted on her face, so amazed was I at her "fast talking". I remember Jerry Seinfeld went on about fast talkers in one of his episodes, but that was back in the 90s. And then it occurred to me they might get paid by how many words they deliver in a minute, but I soon passed on that idea. After all this is the ABC.
    But then another young lady came on who was almost as fast in her delivery. Lilian Thompson would have been amazed.

    So, and I know this is a small sample, but is it a fact that younger people are now speaking at a faster rate than the previous generation(s)? And if so, what has brought this about?
    I can't be the only person who might lose sleep over this.
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