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    Recently was down in the big smoke and thought I might pop into a gun store and grab some ammunition for my 22-250 rifle. Upon asking the shopowner for some bullets he scratched his head and simply said no, we are not able to get any out of the States ATM. I scratched my head and thought 'That is strange!' I mean after all, what good is a gun without ammunition? Anyway was driving along on a backroad of my farm with Radio National 585AM blarring (Give me a break! No FM out here!) and on comes a report about the Australian military being unable to target practise ebcause they are essentially out of some supplies of ammunition. BAM! I just added another sector to my 'safe markets in an unsafe future' portfolio. Secure oil gas stocks, uranium, service sector for underwater oil gas sector, service sector for military, food and ammunition!. B-E-A-utiful! Not military stocks in the country though? Anyone help me here?
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