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    I've held this stock and traded it for over 3 years. Long term ( 2 + yrs ) view it will be making us all alot of money both in price and dividends.

    the current problem I believe is the conversion from a junior explorer to a gas producer and the way the company has dealt with this.

    A junior explorer doesnt have to actually produce anything . . . it mearly runs on hype , hot air and the potential to produce, vague announcement dates ( drilling or sales ) that continually are never met

    A gas producer must produce , must be accurate with its information and on time to have any credibility. This has not been the case in the past six months.

    The only way up is through more gas/oil discoveries after the current 30Mcf/day is actually sold and being delivered . . . and the company grows up! Hopefully the next CEO can achieve this.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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