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amity could retrace to 80 cents>>technical, page-5

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    Hi all,

    well not a great day for amity lovers... unless you sold recently and have bought back.

    I have been following amity for a few years now and have been a holder for the last couple. Of all the poster, I have found OMR to present well-balanced and informed views on the stock, even during times of euphoria. I certainly hope that you are correct this time as well OMR.

    Prior to the logging results for the danismen formation of Adatepe-1, the stock was trading around 90c, obviously including some degree of speculation for this well and upcoming ones. I guess we will have to wait for the flow testing and appraisal wells before we can look forward to Yesilleppe-1 and Yukekkoy-1. I would suggest that the market will be a little more cautious in the future with these wells...

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