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    What did you draw out in research on this article, saverio? Particularly as it relates to TON?

    I note you inserted those winking icons, are those your points?

    I've done a bit of research on AMG. It's a Euro Listed Company of approx A$200 mil Market Cap. It's another one of those Graphite Trading Houses that have operated for 100 years [like Asbuys, Imerys and Superior] AMG is a Family Company too but unlike the others private and unlisted, AMG is Listed but it seems it is so so that shares can be issued to Employees out of the family circle. Anyhow AMG is not structured  like usual ASX Public Company.

    Anyhow when researching AMG and Graphite one does not google AMG [Adv Metals Group I think] but google Graphit Kropfmuhl  so as to get info on the Graphite side of the operation specifically,
    See AMG is involved with producing and trading in several specialist minerals OTHER than Graphite.
    This makes their $200mil MC spread over several divisions non Graphite related.

    Anyhow GraphitK owns several mine sites spread around the globe from China to Austria. They say they have diversified the Mine Sites so as to be able to produce all year round despite wet seasons. Each of these mines produce I THINK less than 10kts each. Ancuabe Mozambique produces, has a processing facility for 6Kts. Six Thousand Tonnes, not 20 not 50kts but 6kts.

    See AMG produces for doing further refining of graphite to Trade to specialist end users but mostly for their own in house use in vertical integration. Think their chief innovative product is graphite based Insulation material.

    Anyhow some points to note from your quoted article, saverio/

    Working back from the $38 mil buying 40% of Graphit Kropfmuhl, that gives a 100% Value to Gk of less than $100mil. Why less than? because the $38mil also bought 10% of the Bogala Vein Graphite Mine in SL.

    so $38 mil  buys 40% of a  fully producing, selling to end users Graphite Mine as a JV proposition.

    Gives some perspective to TON's current Market Cap of $50 mil at it's stage?

    One should also consider this deal and it's raison d'etre ie Gk SOLD to get Debt Paid Down and be able in particular to rejig/upgrade it's Vein Graphite Operation. Vein as d'duke will tell you is far superior to any size Jumbo Flake.

    Anyhow in relation to a TON/ AMG JV "plot" I would ponder that

    AMG could be a SELLER rather than a Buyer
    I can't see Why they would do ALL of their 6kts annual production Ancuabe over to TON let alone AMG capexing a greatly increased production run to say 20kts or even 50kts.

    AMG might for a Fee run a pilot plant operation for TON out of Ancuabe. Fee might be 3kts Offtake to Gk and 3 kts to TON for 'samples'.

    See 3kts under 10kts is a usual common "move" from a Trading House to an EndUser. Current producers Flinders and Stratco are doing 5kts. Oh they got plans for 50kts but can't sell that NOW.

    Anyhow DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Avoid the Dog Whistle Method of only seeing the wink wink nudge nudge Highlighted Headlines. There's Pros AND Cons in every 'move'
    Get, Be Dialectic Do Synthesis.
    Use Always Stop Loss
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